Hey ladies, did you know that Cupshe is a June baby? That’s right, our birthday is coming up this month––and we’re turning six (can you believe it?). Unlike other 6-year-olds, we’ve already learned how to tie our shoelaces and we’ll happily give the knock-knock jokes a rest without complaint. But no birthday is complete without a celebration, so to kick off the festivities, we’d like to share with you the six important things we’re feeling thankful for this year. Let’s count ‘em down together below...

We’re Thankful For Summertime

We totally play favorites when it comes to the seasons, and there is no question which one is our “top pick.” No drumroll needed; Summer is our preferred time of year, of course. Judging by school vacations and early Fridays off from work, it seems like the whole world shares our opinion on this, too. We can’t wait to get outside and enjoy everything about those extra hours of sunshine, from warmer temperatures to more beach days. We’re all about the many opportunities summer gives us to flaunt fab new swimwear styles and our cutest cover-ups, too.


Even more than usual, we’re especially thankful and excited about summer this year. No, it’s not only because it’s our sixth birthday. We’re psyched that we can finally get together safely with all of the friends and family we haven’t seen in ages. We’re thrilled to get back to enjoying all the special summer-centric stuff that happens from June to August, too. We plan to pack these coming months with outdoor concerts, festive fireworks displays, long-weekend jaunts, Sunday barbecues, street fairs, block parties...okay, you get the idea. Our calendars overfloweth!

We’re Thankful For Clean Water

Whether it’s the ocean waves gently lapping at the shore, a serene lakefront, or a hidden swimming hole, we’re hugely thankful for the abundant access we have to clean water. As everyone knows, pollution is an ever-increasing problem in the world and global waters continue to be directly impacted in ways large and small. Organizations that work to keep our shores and seabeds clean and safe for both marine and human life, such as Ocean Conservancy, The Surfrider Foundation, and the Environmental Defense Fund, are a source of inspiration to us; we encourage everyone to donate or volunteer with them any time of the year. It doesn’t have to be a birthday thing that only happens once a year.


Beyond the shared waterways, we’re also thankful to have access to clean water at home. Many places in the world (and shockingly, even some places in the U.S.A.) don’t have potable water for drinking and cooking or other normal daily uses. We know how good we have it, so we’re all for practicing conservation at the household level. We love an invigorating shower after a hard workout or a restorative bath at the end of a tough day, but we try to keep our environmental impact in check to show that we respect this precious shared resource. To learn more about how we can all make small changes that add up to major benefits, check out sites like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has a helpful guide on increasing water efficiency and how-to tips for conservation.


We’re Thankful For Vacations

While it’s clear that we’ve all got our upcoming vacation days on the brain, it’s also notable that the way in which we think about our time off has changed over the past year. As 6-year-olds, it seems we’re really maturing in all kinds of ways! It used to be that the further away we could get from our abodes and daily routines, the better. Now we’re appreciating simpler pleasures like road trips, camping, and exploration close to home. Heck, we’d even take a vacation in our own backyards at this point (though the story we read about this guy truly levels up that idea). Just give us a couple of days off and we’re happy as can be.


Part of the fun of any vacation is in the excitement we get from planning it, and we’re currently compiling a shortlist of the places we want to visit and what we want to do when we get there. Obviously, the first criterion is quality time spent in the sunshine (key!) and near water (always a plus), but we’re also excited to see what’s happening in big cities now that things are starting to normalize again. Oh, how we’ve missed the Navy Pier and Cloudgate in Chicago, not to mention Washington Park and Powell’s City of Books in Portland. Don’t worry––we haven’t lost our beach groove: we’ll always say yes to a tropical paradise like Cabo or Martinique. Really, we’re ready for any type of vacay, whether it’s about rediscovering our local boardwalk or wondering what bikinis we should pack for a cruise around the Greek islands.


We’re Thankful For Pool Parties

Pools tend to open up after Memorial Day and it couldn’t be better timed for our birthday. We’re not really fussed about what type of pool party it is, we’re just thankful we can have them again. From the pool parties we remember as kids, complete with cannonball jumps and popsicle juice everywhere, to the bachelorette pool parties spent baking...and um, drinking the days away at some glam-to-bits scene, some of the best memories are made around the cool, chlorinated waters of a pool.


Even with hot vax summer rolling out, any pool party we throw will probably be a bit more sedate than the ones we described from years past. But when it comes down to it, all you really need is a select group of friends, a bevy of beverages (got to stay hydrated!), and hot gossip to catch up on. A pool party will roll on by itself with those elements in place. Another type of poolside gathering we’re looking forward to hosting is the one with far-away family members that we previously only greeted through the technological miracle of video chat. We’re counting on treating these relatives like visiting royalty when we finally have a chance to do a BBQ by the pool in person all together.


We’re Thankful For Beautiful Beaches

Show us a shoreline and we’ll show you our happy place. Pebbles or sand, churning ocean or placid bay, we’re at our best when we’re relaxing by the beach. No lie, daydreaming of tropical beaches with postcard-perfect overwater accommodations like the ones in Cocoa Island on the Maldives, or the palm tree-dotted sands of Lanikai on Oahu, complete with volcanic mounds rising from the crystalline waves, got us through some tough moments over the last 16 months.


Since we don’t all live on island atolls, we’d like to give the slow-clap to closer-to-home beaches. These local shores kept us sane during the pandemic, and we rediscovered hidden gems and perennial faves throughout the country. It gave us an enhanced appreciation for the quiet splendor of places like the Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore in Michigan, and we found ourselves craving a bracing dip in the Atlantic waters off Kennebunk Beach in Maine, too. It seems to us, in our 6-year-old wisdom, that the best beach is any one that’s readily accessible. Even birdbath-sized ponds inside the local park are literal heroes to us right now.


Most Of All, We’re Thankful For You!

We’re continually inspired by you, our loyal customers. We can’t get enough of seeing you rock our designs, and we’re proud to be a part of your wardrobe. We love seeing how you wear Cupshe––and we’re totally down to borrow some hot styling tips from your social media feeds! We appreciate the feedback that you give us through reviews you leave on our website, too. We’re inspired when you take our swimsuits with you on trips near and far, on your journeys inwards of self-discovery and outwards to the furthest shores of self-confidence.


Your support is what sustains us, and we’re excited for whatever comes next. Thank you for all the ways that you lift us up––we couldn’t have made it to year six without you!