IWD 2022: Live Gently Together

In honor of International Women’s Day, which is celebrated globally on March 8, Cupshe created a campaign to celebrate women who are rooting for themselves and each other - breaking barriers, overcoming internal struggles, journeying to self-acceptance while striving to be their best versions.

We want to encourage women to share their stories and spark real conversations so that people know they are not alone with their struggles - struggles include body insecurities, appearance, and encourage people to be kind to themselves and others. 

Q & A with women who inspire us

As we celebrate International Women’s Day here at Cupshe, we highlighted four amazing influencers we have collaborated with to share what living gently together means to them. We asked them how they overcame their internal struggles and talked about swimsuits (of course) and why they love Cupshe. Check their responses below.

🏄‍♀️Cupshe: What does Live Gently Together mean to you?

🎤"I think that all of us - especially women - could be a lot more gentle on ourselves. I think that's kind of where it starts, being gentle with yourself so that way you can be gentle with others."

- Dani DMC @itsdanidmc (Model/Content Creator/Confidence Activist)

🎤"I feel a lot of people forget that kindness and compassion go a long way. Live Gently Together, for me, starts with living in compassion, being kind to not only each other but especially yourself." 

- Sheela Awe @sheelaawe (Brand strategist/Content Creator/Dancer)

🎤"A lot of time in this world you view each other as competition and I think being kind and compassionate and understanding that each of us are so unique goes a long way." 

- Heather Martin @heatherm22 (Content Creator)

🎤"When we come together, we're going to show each other empathy and sympathy and really care for one another and make everyone feel like they're important and they matter." 

- Shaunteria Guerrier @teri4ever_(Content Creator)

🏄‍♀️Cupshe: What are some of your internal struggles & How do you overcome them?

For me being plus size my whole life, as a child something that started off as an external struggle became an internal struggle and what I mean by that is the world saw me as unfit. I wasn't beautiful, I wasn't worthy, I wasn't loveable because of my shell, because of my body. And I was really confused by that for a long time and it became an internal struggle. And I think how I overcame that is I got to a point where I realized I either had to fight or had to adapt. So, I chose to rebel and to fight against the societal norm and decided I'm going to love me and accept me the way I am. Either the world can come along with me or they cannot. Regardless, I'm going to choose to live in this place of harmony and love and acceptance. I've been able to create a community that can come with me and show other women "hey you can stand out and you don't have to deal with this internal struggle alone. You can be set free, you can set yourself free." 

- Dani DMC 

🏄‍♀️Cupshe: Do you ever have moments of feeling insecure and how do you overcome your insecurities?

🎤"I definitely have moments where I feel insecure and the way I overcome my insecurities is looking in the mirror and telling myself you are wonderfully and fearfully made. There's no imperfections, and even your imperfections are your perfections." 

- Shaunteria Guerrier 

🏄‍♀️Cupshe: What makes you feel the most confident?

🎤"Recently, I feel like feeling confident truly comes from within and just accepting who you are, what you do, what you give out to others, and it changes every day, but I think it starts with believing in yourself." 

- Sheela Awe

🏄‍♀️Cupshe: What's your favorite swimsuit style and why?

🎤"My favorite swimming suit style would have to be something kind of strappy, I like some skin showing and bottoms I like them cheeky." 

- Sheela Awe 

🎤"I have to say my favorite swimsuit style is a two piece, but it has to be high waisted and a nice sports bra type vibe. It's the style I definitely feel the sexiest and most confident in. I just feel like I'm at my best self." 

- Shaunteria Guerrier

🎤"The swimsuit style I would easily choose to wear is a bikini. Preferably a string bikini. I feel like society has told us as plus size women we have to cover our bodies, we have to hide the imperfections or flaws that society deems them to be and I want to be free in my body." 

- Dani DMC

🎤"For my favorite swimsuit style, I love a good one piece, that's definitely my go-to for sure. I just feel I look so sophisticated and put together. I love that it's all in one piece so I don't have to style or match things, I just put a one piece on and feel really cute and ready to go." 

- Heather Martin

🏄‍♀️Cupshe: Why do you love Cupshe? How does Cupshe make you feel?

🎤"I've been wearing Cupshe for a while now and I have to say it's a huge part of my everyday life. I workout in Cupshe, I dance in Cupshe, I train in Cupshe, I go swimming in Cupshe, I cook in Cupshe. Cupshe makes me feel at home, it makes me feel comfortable, confident and sexy at the same time." 

- Shaunteria Guerrier 

🎤"I feel extremely confident in Cupshe's bikinis and I feel like I'm in my best, I'm in my glory. I feel unstoppable and beautiful and I'm glad there's a brand like Cupshe that can provide bikinis for all sizes." 

- Dani DMC


Over the past few years, Cupshe has built a global community while championing women who are not afraid to express and embrace their true selves. Cupshe’s promise is to create modern and inclusive beachwear that is accessible to everyone and makes women feel elevated and confident inside and out.  

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